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Lower Barrakka Gardens

Local name: Il-Ġonna tal-Barrakka ta' Isfel

Lower Barrakka Gardens is located on the top of the Bastion of St. Krzysztof, which is a great viewpoint on the Grand Harbor. It is a twin garden of Upper Barrakka Gardens, located on the top floor of the Bastion of St. Piotr and Paweł and similarly designed - with a central fountain and surrounding flower beds and monuments.

The most magnificent of the monuments in Lower Barrakka Gardens is the tomb of Vice Admiral Alexander John - British-Maltese commander during the blockade of Valletta, which occurred following the uprising against the French in 1798-1800. The building in the shape of a Doric temple was erected from public contributions in 1810.

Other monuments located in the garden are the sculpture of Aeneas by Ugo Attardi from 2004 and the Siege Bell Memorial - a belfry modeled on a classical temple. There is a huge bronze bell in it, which sounds every day at noon in memory of 7,000. soldiers and civilians who fell during the siege of Malta during World War II.


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