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Porto Torres is a coastal town in Sardinia with nice beaches nearby. There is a large, bustling port here, and some old buildings have been preserved in the center.

The city has ancient roots and has been an important commercial and fishing port from the very beginning. To this day, it is one of the busiest points in Porto Torres. Fishing boats, as well as tourist boats and yachts moor here, and there are many restaurants and bars serving fish and seafood dishes in the vicinity.

The city center has old buildings, but it is not big. Its decoration is the Romanesque Basilica of San Gavino, one of the most important monuments of Sardinia from that period. You can see historic tenement houses around, and items from Roman times found during excavations are presented in a small Archaeological Museum.

The main attractions of Porto Torres are the local beaches. They are sandy and largely well-developed, although you can also find places left for independent relaxation. Porto Torres is not one of the most important resorts in Sardinia, and even in the middle of the season, beaches such as Balai Beach are not too crowded.

In the vicinity of Porto Torres, there is the small island of Asinara, which is under the protection of the national park. You can get to know it through hiking trails leading to rocky hills. On the island, you can see the remains of former military buildings and prisons, and meet albino donkeys.

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