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Marciana is a beautifully situated historic town on Elba. Below, on the coast, there is an extension of the intimate resort of Marciana Marina with a beach and a small port.

The village is situated on a mountain slope and its buildings are arranged in terraces. From a distance you can see mainly the tiled roofs of houses and the church towers above them. The town has an intimate character, with stone, flower-filled houses and narrow streets over which there are arches connecting the individual buildings.

The seaside resort of Marciana Marina has clean, rocky beaches and a small harbor. Both the boats of local fishermen and the yachts of tourists coming to Elba moor there. Around you can find many small restaurants serving mostly fish and seafood dishes.

From the port, you can take a boat trip through the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. It includes the surrounding islands and islets where they live, among others sea turtles, and in the local waters you can also meet dolphins.

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