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Domus De Maria is a holiday village in Sardinia. It is known for its beautiful beaches and great cuisine. Its small center has retained the character of a former fishing town.

The town is situated near beautiful beaches covered with golden, soft sand. Some of them are very well developed and have catering facilities, others are away from the buildings, quiet, peaceful and perfect for people looking for seclusion. The greatest attractions of Domus De Maria are related to relaxation by the sea. The best beaches in the area include Chia Sa Colonia and Su Giudeu Beach, while Cala Cipolla Beach and Campana Dune Beach are more peaceful.

In the center of Domus De Maria you can find the spirit of an old fishing village. There are low houses, narrow streets and quiet squares. Next to it there is a small marina where boats are still moored to this day. Many of their owners offer excursions along the coast. In the surrounding trattorias and restaurants you can enjoy traditional Sardinian dishes and the nightlife here is long and intense.

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