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Haifa is a major Mediterranean port and an important tourist, cultural and scientific center. Museums, cultural institutions and two universities are located here. The main attraction of the city is the Baha'i Gardens. The city can be used as a starting point for visiting attractions in the area, incl. Akka fortress or ancient Caesarea.

The history of Haifa dates back to antiquity, but it flourished most under the rule of Byzantium. It was then that the Akka fortress was built in the neighborhood, which in the 12th and 13th centuries was the capital of the Jerusalem State founded by the Crusaders. Today the ruins of Akka are inscribed on the UNESCO list.

The city also has links with the Bible, which means that many pilgrims come here. On Mount Carmel there is the Cave of the Prophet Elijah, and which was built Stella Maris Monastery. It is here, at the highest point of the city, that the steps of pilgrims turn. The monastery can be reached by gondola from the cable car station.

Haifa is also an important center of Baha'i worship, a Persian monotheistic religion that dates back to the 19th century. A golden domed Baha'i temple stands in the Baha'i Gardens, one of the city's most important attractions. On its premises there are, among others Haifa Zoo and Sculpture Garden.

From the beginnings of the modern state of Israel, Haifa has become an important cultural and scientific center. Universities and a number of cultural institutions were established here. The most important are the Medatech-National Museum of Science, Technology and Space, the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, the Israel Railway Museum and the National Maritime Museum.

Situated on the Mediterranean Sea, Haifa is also a popular holiday destination. Near the port there are wide, sandy beaches, Bat Galim Beach and Quiet Beach, appreciated not only by vacationers, but also surfers.

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