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The Haifa District covers a fragment of the Mediterranean coast with Israel's third largest city of Haifa and Carmel Hill. On its territory there is the ancient Caesarea and the UNESCO-listed Bet Sze'arim necropolis.

The capital and main city of the region is Haifa. The city is located on the slopes of Mount Carmel, which can be reached by a cable car. The most visited by tourists are the gardens and Bahai Temple, one of the main centers of Baha'i. Together with the temple in Akka, it is inscribed on the UNESCO list.

The coast around Haifa is known as a popular holiday destination. Sandy beaches are also eagerly visited by lovers of surfing and other water sports who find perfect conditions for active recreation here.

The Carmel Hill rising above Haifa is an important center of Marian worship. The basilica currently standing here dates back to the 19th century, but the first monastery of the Carmelite Order was built here as early as the 12th century. Under the monastery's buildings there is the Grotto of Elijah, in which the prophet was supposed to hide. It is a place of pilgrimage for Christians, Jews and Muslims.

There are also two important archaeological sites in the region. The first is the ruins of Caesarea, a Roman city in which in the first centuries of our era it became a thriving center of Christianity. Second is the ancient Jewish necropolis of Beth She'arim. Graves, mainly from the Talmudic period, are carved out here in soft rocks creating underground labyrinths. The entire cemetery is overgrown with a semi-natural garden, which is protected by a national park.

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