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University Church

Local name: Egyetemi Templom

Church Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is colloquially known as the University Church. The most valuable monuments in the church include frescoes by Hohann Bergl. Inside this baroque church we will also see a copy of the painting of the Black Madonna of Jasna Góra. At the top of the facade is the coat of arms of the Pauline Order and two statues: Saint Anthony and Saint Paul.

The temple was founded at the beginning of the 18th century as a church of the Pauline order, but since 1786 it has been owned by the Catholic University of Péter Pázmánya, hence its colloquial name. There was a mosque in the place where the church currently stands during the Turkish occupation. It was demolished to build a Christian temple.

An unusual tradition is also connected with the temple. On April 1, 1927, Bishop Székesfehérváru collapsed and died standing in the pulpit. Since then, the current bishop of Székesfehérváru celebrates mass here every April 1.


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