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Chora (Mykonos) is the capital of the island of Mykonos in the Cyclades. It is a small, picturesque town with narrow, winding streets and sandy beaches that attract crowds of tourists during the season.

The patient was founded in the 9th century BC and for centuries was a base for the nearby, more developed island of Delos. Currently, at the Archaeological Museum you can admire objects discovered during excavations carried out at Delos.

The city itself with white buildings climbing from the sea towards the hills above the port looks like moved from a postcard or a tourist catalog. Above it rises the irregular shape of the Panagia church and several traditional, round windmills.

A very picturesque part of the city is the district called Little Venice, inhabited by craftsmen and folk artists, which entirely consists of houses built on stilts driven into the sea bottom. Due to the fact that for centuries Mykonos remained away from the main Greek cultural centers, the local folk art and folklore are considered still alive and very rich. You can meet them at the local Folklore Museum.

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