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Rindermarkt fountain

Local name: Rindermarktbrunnen

Rindermarktbrunnen is a fountain from the 1960s, whose design was created by the sculptor and professor at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts - Josef Henselmann. It was created in connection with the modernization of Rindermarkt (Cattle Market). Referring to the tradition of this place, the focal point of the fountain is a group of bronze sculptures depicting a herd of cows.

On the sidelines there is a shepherd (also bronze) who guards the herd. The edges of the pool filled with water were irregularly shaped to resemble a natural reservoir. The fountain is surrounded by a low wall on which city residents and tourists relax during the summer.

Rindermarkt is one of the oldest streets in the city, cattle markets were organized here until the end of the 19th century. During World War II it suffered severely. In addition to the fountain, interesting objects gathered here include: a group of buildings from the early 20th century - the Ruffinihaus and the 25-meter tower Löwenturm.


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