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Nymphenburg porcelain - Collection Bäuml

Local name: Nymphenburger Porzellan - Sammlung Bäuml

Nymphenburger Porzellan is a porcelain museum in the Nymphenburg palace. Nearly 2,000 have been gathered here. exhibits from the famous Nymphenburg porcelain factory, founded in 1747 and operating in the Nymphenburg complex from 1761 to today. The museum is also commonly called the "Bäuml Collection" after the name of Alfred Bäuml and his successors, whose private collections have become the basis of the museum's collection.

The Munich factory is - next to Meissen and Sevres - one of the most successful porcelain manufacturers in the world. It was created thanks to the ambitions of the elector Maksymilian III Józef. The first attempts were unsuccessful. A breakthrough turned out to be the involvement of the sculptor and figurine designer Franz Anton Bustelli (1723-1763), who supervised the development of technology for firing and painting ceramics.

Bustelli was not well paid, he left only engravings and books on chemistry. At present, his porcelain genre scenes are the pride of the Nymphenburger Porzellan collection - at auctions they reach prices counted in hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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