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number 80 in the city

Wittenbergen Elbe beach

Local name: Elbstrand Wittenbergen

This wooded area is the Elbe coast and is part of a protected landscape. Traditional forestry is conducted here to preserve the typical nature of the mixed forest of local vegetation. Visitors can take advantage of the beaches, swimming pool on the Elbe River, rowing club, camping site and bicycle path.

In the area there is a historic villa, which is the seat of the Doll Museum and old water supply tanks adapted for swimming pools that are the habitat of the local unique fauna and flora. These old filter tanks now enrich the water with oxygen, thus creating ideal conditions for the development of frogs and newts. The toad population located here is one of the last places of numerous occurrence of amphibians in Hamburg.

The park also has relics of the past, such as the remains of a former railway line.


Attractions inside

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    Rissener Ufer 2722559 Hamburg , Germany