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number 49 in the city

Stuhlmann fountain

Local name: Stuhlmannbrunnen

The fountain depicts two centaurs fighting for a fish surrounded by a pond with an underground well. It is believed to be an allegory of competition between Alton and Hamburg in the field of fishing and processing. The fountain is illuminated at night and is located in the very center of the green space of Republic Square. It belongs to the cultural heritage monuments of Hamburg.

The monument was named after Günther Ludwig Stuhlmann, a German businessman, founder and director of Altonaer Gas- and Wasseranstalt AG. It was established in 1900, but during the construction of the Alton Railway Station in the 1970s it was spread. The monument was once again located a short distance from the previous location, and then, due to the disadvantage of this location, in the center of Republic Square in 1978.


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