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Roman Garden

Local name: Römischer Garten

The Roman Garden is a public park, created in the Art Nouveau style. It was classified as a garden monument in accordance with the law on the protection of monuments in Hamburg. The name of the object refers to its characteristic Mediterranean flora.

The place can accommodate up to 200 people. In the summer, occasional performances are organized here. Above the theater is the remains of a rose garden. In the central axis of the park there is a small pond of water lilies, created in the shape of the "mirror of the sky".

The park was created in the years 1880-1890. In 1924, the "hedge theater" was created here, where from the viewer's perspective a view of the Elbe is offered. In the 1920s and 1930s, the garden experienced the peak of its splendor as a meeting place for Hamburg society.


Attractions inside

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