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Loki Schmidt Garden Botanical

Local name: Loki Schmidt Garten Botanischer

This is a botanical garden run by the University of Hamburg. Its area is about 25 hectares and is divided into three sectors. Tropical greenhouses that are part of the former Botanical Garden are also worth seeing.

The first section of the garden presents the systematics of flora. There are about 90 plant species families.
The next part of the facility is a geographical garden, where plants are presented by origin. This collection represents the vegetation of Europe, North and partly South America, as well as East Asia. In this section there is also a rock garden, Japanese and Chinese gardens.
In the last part of the facility there are five themed gardens concerning the cooperation of people with plants - farmer's garden, arable garden, Bible garden, pharmacy garden and poisonous plants.


Attractions inside

    Loki Schmidt Garden Botanical map
    Ohnhorststraße 22609 Hamburg , Germany