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Harbor Museum

Local name: Hafenmuseum Hamburg

The Port Museum presents the history of maritime trade and water transport in the city. The exhibition includes numerous tools for handling goods, building ships and navigating the Elbe and the port. The facility's staff consists for the most part of former crewmembers and captains, which enables visitors to get answers to the most detailed questions.

The first part of the exhibition covers an area of 2,500 square meters and presents exhibits regarding handling, transport and suspension, and all maritime technology useful in shipping. Visitors can also learn about the ship building procedure.

On the outside of the exhibition there are various types of machines used for loading and unloading goods on board as well as vehicles used as tractors and trailers.
The exhibits presented at the museum also include two historic cranes from 1939.


Attractions inside

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    Australiastraße 50A20457 Hamburg , Germany