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Emigrant Museum

Local name: Auswanderermuseum

The museum, on an area of 2,500 square meters, presents the history of emigration. Exhibitions focus mainly around 5,000,000 emigrants leaving Hamburg at the turn of the century. An additional attraction of the facility is the possibility of joining the multimedia game "Simmigrant", during which visitors play the role of an emigrant and experience different stages of emigration

The first part of the exhibition talks about the so-called "Port of Dreams", which is the destination of many emigrants. It also presents the history of the founder of the museum, Albert Ballin.
Another exhibition hall presents different stages of emigrant travel and emigration stations over the centuries.
The last part of the exhibition includes biographies of emigrants, i.e. personal memories and touching stories. Visitors have access to the world's largest genealogical database.

A restaurant and a shop are also available for tourists.


Attractions inside

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    Veddeler Bogen 220539 Hamburg , Germany