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Alster fountain

Local name: Alsterfontäne

Alster is a river flowing through Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg. In this second city it forms two lakes - the larger Außenalster and the smaller Binnenalster. These water bodies are one of the main attractions of the city, attracting not only tourists, but also residents. In the center of the smaller lake there is a picturesque fountain, and many luxury hotels and boutiques are located around. Picturesque scenery is a frequent subject of photos, especially after dark, when city lights are reflected in the water.

The larger lake is surrounded by a beautiful park. The inhabitants of Hamburg come here to relax and enjoy the fresh air, as well as to engage in various sports. There are cycling and running paths here, in many places you can also rent boats, kayaks and pedal boats. In cold winters, the lake freezes, creating a huge natural ice rink. Around Außenalster there are also luxurious estates and villas of the richest inhabitants of the city.


Attractions inside

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