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Transport Museum

Local name: Verkehrsmuseum

The Verkehrsmuseum is located at the end of the historic tramway station No. 12. It presents a permanent exhibition entitled "From a horse tram to modern times", which is a review of public transport from the nineteenth century to the present day. On the surface of 4 thousand m2 collected dozens of historic carefully restored trams, trolley buses, train sets, buses.

The beginnings of the museum opened in 1984 go back to the years preceding the First World War, when a group of enthusiasts saved several wagons from scrapping, including two horse trams by Herbrandt (from 1872 and 1884), which are now the oldest exhibits in the collection. Parked in magazines, they survived until rediscovery in 1950. After restoration, they were presented only occasionally, until the creation of the museum.

The museum also collects all other exhibits related to public transport: signs, tickets, signaling systems, photographs and documents.


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