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Georgios Church

Local name: Georgioskirche

Georgioskirche is a Greek Catholic church, a parish of the Greek Orthodox metropolitan of Germany. It was established in the place of the former conservatory, which the parish took over from the city authorities. The building was in such a bad technical condition that it was allowed to demolish it and erect in 1996-1998 a new, traditional-style temple.

The history of Orthodoxy in Germany dates back to the 18th century. This denomination remains, however, associated primarily with national minorities - Russian and Greek, as well as economic migrants coming from Eastern Europe. According to statistical data in the early In the 21st century, over 1.5 million Germans declared themselves as Orthodox believers.

The Greek Catholic community was founded after World War I, when Orthodox Greeks settled in Frankfurt in large numbers. The first parish was founded shortly after the end of World War II, in 1947.


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