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James Simon Gallery

Local name: James-Simon-Galerie

Located inside: Museum Island

The James Simon Gallery is the main entrance building to the Museum Island and visitor center, and its completion is scheduled for 2018. The building will be underground connected, via the Archaeological Promenade, with other museum objects on the island.

The name of the building comes from one of the most important patrons of the National Museums in Berlin - James Simon. A merchant from a Berlin Jewish family donated to the institution, among others archaeological excavations from Amarna with a bust of Nefertiti and private collections of Renaissance art.

The author of the James Simona Gallery project, which was originally called Berlin Cube, is British architect David Chipperfield. The main architectural feature of the building is the colonnade motif.


Attractions inside

    James Simon Gallery map
    Eiserne Brücke 10178 Berlin , Germany