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Villers-sur-Mer is a small coastal town known primarily for its sandy beach and proximity to chalk cliffs where numerous fossils are found. The symbol of the village is a figure of a dinosaur made of vegetation, which welcomes visitors.

Even in the 18th century, Villers-sur-Mer was only a seaside settlement whose inhabitants made a living by fishing. The nineteenth century brought a change, when the interest in seaside recreation and spa stays at the seaside grew. It was then that the first tourists came to Villers-sur-Mer, and the village began to expand.

Today, a reminder of this period is the beautiful spa buildings from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. It consists of villas and guesthouses in the eclectic and Art Nouveau styles and a wide promenade from which you can watch the sea.

The beach is the biggest attraction of Villers-sur-Mer. Sandy and wide at low tide, it is equipped with beach houses, and in summer there are bars, tourist and swimming equipment rentals. Sailboats on wheels, which you can ride on the beach, are a popular form of entertainment.

A visit to Villers-sur-Mer would not be complete without a visit to the Paleontological Museum. It is located at the tourist information office and is related to the fossils discovered in the vicinity of the town. There are especially many of them on the cliffs that are located right next to the beach. There are hiking trails at the top of the cliffs, which can be a great place for active leisure. A reference to the discoveries made by palaeontologists in Villers-sur-Mer is the symbol of the city - a figure of a flower dinosaur standing on a square near the promenade.

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