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Caen Castle

Local name: Château de Caen

The castle in Caen is a building dating from the 11th century, associated with King William the Conqueror, who conquered England in 1066. The former fortress, whose walls tower over the city, now houses the Museum of Fine Arts and the Normandy Museum. The Romanesque chapel of Saint George is also preserved here.

The castle was built around 1060 by William the Conqueror. It was a place where conventions of magnates took place. An expedition against England was probably planned here. During the Hundred Years' War, the English made claims to the fortress and conquered it twice. It was considered the most important point of English resistance in France.

To our day, mainly massive walls have survived from the castle. The entrance gate is protected by a barbican reinforced with four massive towers. Inside the walls, the oldest surviving building is the simple, towerless chapel of Saint George. Later buildings are also located here, including a modern exhibition pavilion located below the surface.

Caen Castle map
14000 Caen , France