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Mémorial de Caen Museum

Local name: Mémorial de Caen

Mémorial de Caen was built in the second half. Of the twentieth century and its idea is to promote peace. In the halls of the museum you can see, among others films about the latest history of the world and problems that accompany humanity, exhibitions devoted to the victims of World War II, presentations on the Cold War, as well as unpublished photographs and documents.

The museum was opened on the 44th anniversary of the Battle of Normandy by French President François Mitterrand in the presence of representatives of all 11 countries participating in the battle. The author of the design was architect Jacques Millet, while the curator was Yves Devraine.

The museum also houses the Nobel Peace Prize Gallery and three gardens: Canadian, American and British, which form the Valley of Remembrance for allied forces fighting for France's freedom.


Attractions inside

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    Esplanade Général Eisenhower 14050 Caen , France