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Lion fountain

Local name: Fontaine aux lions

Located inside: Villette Park

The Lviv Fountain is located in the Vilette Park. It consists of three terraced stone bowls, above which a multi-story metal bowl is supported by a lion. Lions are also found on the outskirts of the fountain.

The fountain was originally located on the Chateau d'eau, which is now called Republic Square. It was built in 1811 and referred to Napoleon's victorious campaign in Egypt. During the reconstruction of the square in the mid-nineteenth century, it was considered that the fountain was too unrepresentative and moved to Vilette Park. It is currently standing in front of the former market hall moved from Les Halles.

The Lviv Fountain was one of the first in Paris, with water in the foreground, not sculptures. It was she who created the main spectacle here. This is the case so far. Water creates a curtain, and on a metal bowl it looks like a giant umbrella. The figures of lions here are only a complement to the whole composition.


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    Rue du Cardinal Mercier 1175019 Paris , France