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Pere Lachaise Cemetery

Local name: Cimetière du Père Lachaise

Pere Lachaise Cemetery is the most famous necropolis in Paris. It is impossible to name all, probably the most known and distinguished, who rest on it. Tourists most often visit the tombs of Molière, Balzac, Abelard and Heloizy and Jim Morisson. Many Poles were also buried here, among them Frederic Chopin and Klementina Hoffmanowa.

The cemetery was founded in 1804 in the gardens adjacent to the Villa Mont-Louis. In the 17th century it belonged to the confessor of Louis XIV, father of Francois de Lachaise. The current name of the cemetery comes from his name. Initially, Parisians did not want to use the cemetery located in the poor district. As part of his "promotion, the ashes of Abeladr and Heloizy, Molière and La Fontaine were moved here.

Currently, about a million people are buried in the cemetery, in 100,000 graves. Many of them are real works of classical, neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau art. Representatives of the world of science, culture, politics as well as ordinary residents of Paris rest here.


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