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Place des Vosges

Local name: Place des Vosges

Vosges Square is located in the Marais district. It was marked out in the 17th century. It is a square with a side of 140 meters surrounded by identical buildings in the style of the French Renaissance. The tenement houses have arched passages on the ground floor. The center of the square is occupied by a park with a statue of King Louis XIII and fountains.

Until the 16th century, the royal castle of Tournelles stood on the site of the square. He was demolished at the behest of Katarzyna Medycejska, when he died in his courtyard during the Henry II tournament. In the 17th century a square was marked out here, considered to be the oldest, still existing in the city. In 1680 a statue of Louis XIII stood here. Today's monument is a copy of it because the first monument was destroyed during the French Revolution.

In addition to the monument in the central part of the square, there are also 4 baroque fountains. The houses surrounding the square are based on stone ground floors with arched arcades. Similar houses have brick facades and sloping roofs with dormers.


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