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Picasso National Museum

Local name: Musée National Picasso

The Picasso Museum in Paris is located in the Hotel Sale building. The seventeenth century residence houses a collection of works by the Spanish artist and objects from his collections, including paintings by Matisse Cezanne, Renoir or Corot.

The Baroque Hotel Sale was the seat of the school where Balzac was studying. Here also the famous work of Pierre Corneill Cyd was created. The Picasso Museum has been operating here since 1974. It received a collection of the artist's works and his own collections donated by his wife Jacqueline Roque.

Currently, the collection consists of almost 5000 paintings, graphics, sculptures, ceramics, as well as dozens of paintings by other artists in the possession of Picasso. The museum is also a large center documenting the life and work of the master. He has several thousand photographs, books and documents related to his life and artistic work.


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