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Saint Gervais Church

Local name: Église Saint Gervais

The church Gerwazy and Protazego is a late Gothic temple located in the 4th district of Paris. Due to the construction lasting several hundred years, the Gothic block of the church has a Baroque-Classicist, three-story facade decorated with Ionic columns. The interior is very simply equipped. Only the baroque organs and the pulpit have survived.

Construction began at the end of the 15th century, but due to lack of funds it continued until the early 17th century. A three-nave block with a transept and a tower was made in the Gothic style. It is covered with a rib rib vault. In the last phase of construction, the church facade was created. It bears the features of a Baroque and Classicist style. It is decorated with pairs of columns, four on the lower two levels, and two on the highest. On the second floor, statues of the patrons of the temple, saints Gervase and Protase were placed in the niches.

During the French Revolution, the church's equipment was stolen. Only the wooden pulpit and baroque organs remained. The current altar is very simple and was built in the 20th century.


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