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Notre Dame Bridge

Local name: Pont Notre-Dame

Notre Dame Bridge is a crossing connecting the banks of the Seine between the Boulevards Corso and Gesvres. It is a stone and metal structure. The outer spans are made of stone, the middle, the longest, of iron. It is richly decorated with forged decorations.

The bridge stands on the site of one of the first crossings over the Seine, already functioning in ancient times. The bridge was rebuilt several times and in the 17th century it was in the form of high arches, over which the houses of craftsmen and merchants rose. During the great reconstruction of Paris in the mid-nineteenth century, a low, several-span stone bridge was erected here. Unfortunately, the construction of supports caused a damming of the river and made navigation very difficult. For this reason, the central spans were demolished in 1919 and replaced by one iron span.

The bridge is currently available for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. It has a length of over 100 meters. Barges and cruise ships can freely swim under the central part.


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