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Saint-Jacques Tower

Local name: Tour Saint-Jacques

Late Gothic St. Jacob in Paris is a church tower with a bell tower, which is the last preserved fragment of the former Gothic church of St. Jacob. The tower's architecture is characterized by a Flemish style of flaming Gothic. It was created on a square plan, and its height reaches 52 m. It has sculptural geometric decorations and figures of saints.

The church Jakub was founded in the tenth century on the pilgrimage route of St. James, leading to Santiago de Compostela. In the fifteenth century, the temple was rebuilt, which was financed by the butchers' guild and was often called the church of St. Jakub from the butchers. Another benefactor of the church was Nicolas Flamel.

The belfry was added in the 16th century and it was the only belfry that has survived to modern times. The rest of the church was demolished during the Great French Revolution. Throughout history, attempts have been made to rebuild the church of St. James: during the Second Empire and in the 21st century. However, none of these plans have been implemented.


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