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The Centre Pompidou

Local name: Le Centre Pompidou

The Pompidou Center is a modern art center located in Paris. His building, with installations led outside and painted in different colors, is one of the most original in France. On the top floors of the center there is a museum of modern art presenting collections of paintings, graphics, sculptures, photographs and multimedia. The building also has the main library of Paris.

The initiator of the construction of the center was the President of France Georges Pompidou. They opened three years after his death in 1977. The authors of the project were Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers. They were inspired by the idea of an ideal exhibition and entertainment space created by Cedric Price. According to her, the interior of the building must not be disturbed by any installations that must be led outside. It is from here that the Center building looks like a braided network of pipes and cables in various colors.

The Center presents permanent and temporary exhibitions. They show the changes of modern art in the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century. They relate not only to content, but also to the form of the works. In the center, apart from traditional forms such as painting, sculpture and graphics, multimedia installations, happenings as well as audio and visual recordings are shown.


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