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City Hall

Local name: Hôtel de Ville

The city hall of Paris is located in the heart of the city, on the Seine. It is a neo-Renaissance, huge representative building, whose facade is decorated with numerous stone decorations. Occupying several adjacent streets, the building is considered the largest city building in Europe.

The current town hall building was built in the second half of the 19th century. Earlier there was a Renaissance palace belonging to the city. However, it was destroyed during the Paris Commune. The new building was built based on Renaissance models. A monumental building was created with steep roofs with dormers. Its symmetrical facade is decorated with carved window cornices. They are divided by pilasters and semicolumns. The whole is decorated with floral and geometric sculptures.

Also, the interior of the town hall, which is not generally available at all times, has beautiful sculptural and painting decoration. The town hall is the representative building of Paris and often official guests are here.


Attractions inside

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    Place de l'Hôtel de Ville 75004 Paris , France