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Villette Park

Local name: Parc de la Villette

La Villette is a 55-hectare park in the suburbs of Seine Saint Denis. There are several dozen exhibition, recreational, educational and stage facilities on its premises. They are characterized by modern, almost industrial architecture and purity of forms.

The park was created on the grounds of the former slaughterhouse and cattle market. The competition for its development was launched in 1982. It was to be a 21st century building. Ultimately Bernard Tschumi became its designer. He placed 35 objects for various purposes on the vast green area. The park's symbol has become a huge, metal ball, which is visible from many places in this area.

The central object of La Villette is the Town of Science and Industry, a modern center of knowledge and education. Around it a built-in concert hall, music conservatory, exhibition and commercial pavilions, a panoramic cinema and a playground were built-in. An attraction of the park is the submarine L'Argonaute, which can be visited.

Villette Park map
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