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St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

Local name: Église catholique Saint-Vincent de Paul

The church of Saint Vincent de Paul is a neo-Renaissance building standing on the site of the former monastery of Saint Lazarus, in the center of Paris. The temple has a two-tower, symmetrical facade with a column portico and a triangular tympanum. The interior is covered with rich painting decoration.

Saint Lazarus Monastery, in which Saint Vincent de Paul worked, was destroyed during the French Revolution. A new church was built here in the mid-nineteenth century. It is a neo-renaissance building with a harmonious facade. On its two sides there are square, flat-ended towers. The entrance is surrounded by a portico with six Ionic columns. The tympanum above it depicts the apotheosis of Saint Vincent surrounded by people he encountered on his path to holiness.

The interior of the church is decorated with splendor. In the main altar there is a representation of the way of the cross. The walls are covered with painting decorations on subjects related to the life of Saint Vincent and scenes from the Holy Bible.


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