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Grévin Museum

Local name: Musée Grévin

The Grevin Museum is the Paris Wax Museum. It is located on Boulevard Montmartre and is almost 150 years old. You can see the life-size figures of politicians, musicians, actors, celebrities and movie and cartoon heroes. They are placed in a scenery characteristic of Parisian entertainment venues.

The museum was founded in 1882 by the owner of one of the Parisian newspapers Meyer. In this way, he wanted to bring the characters described in the press to a wider audience. He created the cartoonist Alferd Grevin to create images. Creating wax figures and masks has a long tradition in France. Already in the 18th century, wax images and masks were held here.

Currently, there are about 200 figures in the Museum. The average life expectancy of each image is 40 years. After this time, the sculptures are melted down, and only the heads remain in the museum. The placement of a given character in the museum's collection is decided by a 12-person commission. Sculptures are changed to respond to political, social and cultural changes taking place in the world. In addition to real politicians, artists or even famous chefs, you can also see film and book characters significant for French culture, such as Asterix and Obelix or The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


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    Boulevard Montmartre 1075009 Paris , France