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Garnier Opera

Local name: Opéra Garnier

Opera Garnier is an opera house in the center of Paris. Until 1989 it was the seat of the national opera. It is an eclectic building with a symmetrical facade and a beautifully decorated interior. The audience can seat 2200 people.

The opera house was built during the great reconstruction of Paris in the 1870s. It took its name from the name of the architect, Charles Garnier. It combined features of the Neo-Baroque and Classicist styles. The building's facade is divided symmetrically by pairs of Ionic columns. Above it rises a decorated frieze above which a hemisphere was housed.

The interior of the building is stunning with splendor. The foyer and the huge staircase take up more space than the stage with the audience. This shows that the building, in addition to cultural functions, was also to be a place where the cream of Paris could "show off". The interiors are decorated with stucco, floral ornaments and mirrors that visually enlarge the space. 450 actors can be on the stage at the same time.


Attractions inside

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    Place de l’Opéra 75009 Paris , France