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The Madeleine Church

Local name: L'église de la Madeleine

The church of Saint Magdalena is located in the center of Paris. It is a neoclassical building with a column portico topped with a tympanum. Above the intersection of the naves there is a dome. The interior is decorated with columns with gold-plated capitals and paintings depicting the glory of the French army and biblical scenes.

The construction of the church lasted almost 80 years due to political and social turmoil. It was initiated in 1764 by Louis XV. The design has been changed several times, along with the following new trends in art. During the French Revolution, work on the temple was discontinued. Napoleon resumed them, they want to build a church here in honor of the French army. At that time, references to the Paris Pantheon appeared in the block. The temple was also not completed during the Bourbon restoration period, when it was planned that it would be a penitential temple for the deaths of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

Finally, the church was put into use in 1842. The body of the temple refers to ancient forms and to the Pantheon. Above the intersection of the naves there is a dome, and above the entrance a triangular tympanum with the image of Christ and the saints. A double colonnade leads inside, which also runs around the entire building. In the church of St. After Magdalena's death, Chopin's embalmed body was exhibited. Mickiewicz's funeral was also held here.


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