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Tuileries garden

Local name: Jardin des Tuileries

The Tuileries Gardens are located between the Louvre and Zgody Square. It is a green area with a pond in the central part. It was planned according to the idea of a French garden, ordered and marked out with attention to detail. The alleys overshadow the cut trees and shrubs, the flower beds are covered with even flower beds. It is one of the best places to rest in the center of Paris.

The gardens are located on the site of the Tuileries Palace, destroyed during the Paris Commune. It was built in the 16th century, in the place where the tile factory was located before. It is from the word "tile" - "tuile" that the name of this place comes from. The palace belonged to the French ruling families, the Valois and Bourbon. After its destruction, a garden was planted in the place of the palace. Currently, somewhat fantastic plans for rebuilding the palace and placing part of the Louvre collections return from time to time.

The main axis of the garden stretches between the Louvre and Zgody Square. In its half there is a polygonal pond with a fountain. It is surrounded by chairs that can be freely moved and positioned whether at the pond or at the alleys. There are extensive lawns between the passages, where geometric flower beds are located. In the park you can also see walking peacocks.


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