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Place de la Concorde

Local name: Place de la Concorde

Zgody Square is one of the main squares of Paris. It is located between the Champs Elysees and Tuileries Gardens. In its central part stands the 3300-year-old obelisk from the temple in Egypt, Luxor. Next to it are the River and Sea Fountain, and on the perimeter of the square are monuments symbolizing French cities.

The square was marked out in the mid-18th century. During the French Revolution a guillotine stood here, about 1300 people lost their lives, including King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. After the revolution, he was given the name of Plac Zgody with the thought that this tragedy would never happen again.

Important state institutions will fit around the square. The most important monument within it is the obelisk from Luxor, donated to France in 1831, decorated with Egyptian hieroglyphs. The monuments on the edge of the square symbolize the main cities of France. There is also a Ferris wheel illuminated in the evenings.


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