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Our Lady of Loreto Church

Local name: Paroisse Notre-Dame Lorette

The Church of Our Lady of Loreto is a classicist building with a monumental column portico. The polychrome interior is covered with a flat coffered ceiling. The paintings depict biblical scenes and references to the life of the Mother of God.

The church was built in the first half of the 19th century. It is a three-nave building with a small square tower above the presbytery. The facade is dominated by a column portico, which is crowned with a tympanum with a bas-relief depicting angels adoring the Mother of God with the Child.

The interior is divided into naves using classical columns. They are illuminated mainly by windows of the nave. The presbytery is closed with a semicircle. The interior is covered with a richly decorated, paneled vault. In the dome above the presbytery there are performances of the Gospel virtues and the scene of the coronation of the saved led by Maria. In the central part of the painting there is a representation of the Holy Trinity. On the walls of the church you can see scenes from the life of Jesus and Mary.


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