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St. Eustatius Church

Local name: Église Saint-Eustache

Saint Eustachy's church is a Gothic temple located near the Louvre Museum in Paris. It was built on a cross plan, with arched buttresses extended outside the building. The west facade, built in the 17th century, has a Renaissance appearance. The interior is kept in the baroque style. There is a painting by Rubens "Pupils of Emmaus".

The church of Saint Eustachy was built in the 16th century. Despite the renaissance that was already prevailing at that time, it was adopted in the form characteristic of late Gothic. Only the west facade, the portal and the lower part of the southern facade are renaissance, columnar. The interior of the temple is high, spacious and raw. They are covered with cross vaults. All equipment, however, dates from the seventeenth century and shows Baroque influences.

Due to the proximity of the Louvre, the church was visited by the largest state dignitaries. They stayed here for the baptism of Molière or later Cardinal Richelieu. Funerals of high royal officials were also held here.


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