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The Royal Palace

Local name: Le Palais Royal

The Royal Palace is located adjacent to the Louvre Museum, in the very center of Paris. It is a Baroque residence, which currently houses numerous public institutions, including the Council of State, the Constitutional Council and the Ministry of Culture.

The palace was built in the first half of the 17th century by Cardinal Richelieu, who handed it over to the king in a will. The seat of the rulers of France was only during the minority of Louis XIV and during the reign of Louis Philippe Bourbon. It is a baroque, two-winged building with a courtyard. It is symmetrical and perfectly composed. Sloping roofs with dormers cover it.

The so-called Burren Columns have been standing in the Palace courtyard since 1986. Created as part of introducing modern architecture to the center of Paris. Columns of different heights are painted in black and white stripes. At night, they are illuminated by colorful streams of light. This composition has already permanently entered the Paris landscape, although initially aroused much controversy.

The Royal Palace map
Rue de Montpensier 875001 Paris , France