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Columns of Buren

Local name: Colonnes de Buren

Located inside: The Royal Palace

Les Deux Plateaux, which can be translated as Two Planes, is an artistic installation located in the courtyard of the Palais Royal. Buren Columns are their more popular name. It consists of 260 columns of varying heights made of black and white marble.

The installation was installed in 1985. From the beginning it aroused a lot of controversy. The work was interrupted, and the artist repeatedly sued the authorities of Paris and France. According to the name, the work of 3,000 square meters has two levels, above ground and underground, which is water. Columns standing in the square are reflected in it, giving the impression of three-dimensionality. In the evening, the whole is illuminated by red and green lamps.


Attractions inside

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    Rue de Montpensier 275001 Paris , France