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Odeon Theater of Europe

Local name: Odéon Théâtre de l'Europe

The Odeon Theater is a modern and experimental stage operating in the 6th district of Paris. In the past, its building was the first seat of the French Comedy ensemble. The theater building is built in the neoclassical style. The auditorium with high lodges can seat about 800 spectators.

The first seat of the French Comedy was built in the mid-eighteenth century. It was destroyed twice by fires, and the present appearance of the building is the result of reconstruction from 1819. It is a rectangular building with a facade decorated with rustication and a majestic column portico. Interiors in the Italian style are richly decorated with sculptures and polychromes.

Currently, the Paris Odeon is focused primarily on the presentation of contemporary, avant-garde and experimental art. By changing the statute and adding the member European Theater to its name, it can implement international, innovative theater projects.


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