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Museum of Freemasonry

Local name: Musée de la franc-maçonnerie

The French Masonry Museum has been operating in Paris since 1889. It is located in the Grand Orient Lodge of France. You can see Masonic insignia, jewelry with Masonic motifs, documents, letters and publications. There is also a large collection of faience with Masonic motifs.

Freemasonry in France had a very well established position. Politicians and artists came from Freemasons circles. To date, many people admit to participating in it. The museum documents the activities of the Masonic Lodge in France, shows its most outstanding figures and the influence of Freemasonry on the shape of the state. The exhibitions contain paintings depicting masonic rituals, portraits of Lodge members, items used by Freemasons, as well as documentation of the Lodge.


Attractions inside

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    Rue Cadet 1675009 Paris , France