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Museum Nissim of Camondo

Local name: Musée Nissim de Camondo

The Nissim de Camondo Museum is a place where you can see what the residence of the eighteenth-century aristocracy of Paris looked like. In 19 rooms, the appearance of a rich house was restored, along with private, representative apartments and utility rooms. The interiors are equipped with furniture, handicrafts and fabrics from the most recognized artists of the 18th century.

The museum was founded in 1935 by Moses de Camondo, a Parisian banker of Sephardic Jew origin. It was to commemorate his son, Nissim, who died during World War I. The founder's intention was to present the life of a typical Parisian aristocracy of the 18th century.

The museum occupies 3 floors of the Hotel de Camondo, a private family residence. Furniture from the workshops of Jean-François Oeben, Jean Henri Riesener and Georges Jacob was collected here. The staircase is decorated with richly decorated rugs. The rooms are furnished with great attention to detail. You can see many knick knacks and interior items. Among them is Orloff's silver tableware, which was used, among others, by Tsarina Catherine II.


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