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Monceau Park

Local name: Parc Monceau

Park Monceau is located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. It is a vast green area with a pond and several garden buildings, such as a rotunda, gazebos and classical colonnades. A monument to Fryderyk Chopin by Jacqes Froment-Meurice has been standing in the park since 1906.

The park was marked out in the second half of the 18th century. He belonged then to the cousin of King Louis XVI. During the French Revolution it was made available to the residents of Paris. At that time a classicist rotunda surrounded by colonnade was built. In the mid-nineteenth century, during the great reconstruction of Paris, it was planned to parcel the park into construction plots, but thanks to the initiative of architect Georges Haussmann, it was possible to save half of it and allocate it to a public park.

In the park of Monceau, in 1861 there was a great massacre of communes by the army of Napoleon III. Today, the park is a popular place to rest. There is a network of alleys, benches and picnic places, gazebos and playgrounds for children. A rose garden was established at the colonnade, and several monuments and garden statues can be seen between the trees.


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