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Grand Palais

Local name: Grand Palais

The Grand Palais is an Art Nouveau exhibition hall located in the center of Paris. It has a glazed, semi-circular roof and a classicizing facade with columns and monumental sculptures. Inside, there are exhibition spaces of the National Gallery for temporary exhibitions and the Discovery Center, where everyone can face the riddles of science.

The Grand Palais is one of the few buildings that remained in Paris after the 1900 world exhibition. After renovation, the hall was reopened in 2005. There is a huge building with a glass roof stretched on a metal structure. The facade is decorated with a colonnade and sculptures referring to ancient patterns.

The Discovery Center was placed inside the hall. It is an institution that promotes interest in science among children and adults. Various cultural institutions also have their exhibition areas here. There is even a separate police station in the Grand Palais, whose officers are tasked with protecting the works of art presented here.


Attractions inside

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    Avenue du Général Eisenhower 375008 Paris , France