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Louis Vuitton Foundation

Local name: Louis Vuitton Foundation

The Louis Vuitton Foundation Museum is a contemporary art gallery located in the Bolognese Forest. The modernist building designed by Frank Gehry looks like a glass ship and symbolizes the culture-forming role of Paris. At the Museum you can admire the works of such artists as Picasso, Bertrand Lavier, Christian Boltanski, Olafur Eliasson and Sarah Morris.

The museum was opened in 2014. From the beginning, its construction aroused much controversy. The building was erected in a favorite place of rest for Parisians, which is the Bulgarian Forest. In addition, its modern form did not appeal to everyone. The building was built for 100 million euros. Bernard Arnault, owner of the Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy brand, donated the money for this purpose.

The avant-garde building houses exhibition halls that present collections of contemporary art. They come from the founder's private collection. In addition, the center is a place to meet artists, workshops, film screenings or art seminars.


Attractions inside

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