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Bois de Boulogne forest

Local name: Bois de Boulogne

The Bulgarian Forest is the largest green area within the administrative boundaries of Paris. It is located on its western outskirts. These are the former royal hunting grounds, which since the 18th century have also served as a place of recreation for the residents of the capital. Almost 30 km of walking and cycling routes have been marked out in the forest. There are 2 artificial lakes, picnic areas and sports fields.

The Bulonian Forest is a remnant of an oak forest that was located west of the French capital. French kings have been hunting here since the 11th century. Over time, access to these areas for bystanders was severely restricted. This changed only during the time of Louis XVI, who opened it to anyone interested.

Today, Lasek has an area of 846 hectares. In the oak-pine forests you can walk, ride a bike and horse, run and Nordic walking. There are picnic areas here. One of the most picturesque parks of Paris, Bagatelle with a magnificent rosarium, is located in Lark. In turn, Park d'Acclimatation is a place for children and their parents, where they can have fun and learn about nature. There is also a hippodrome and football pitches in Las Bolognese.


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